Legally Blind – but dancing!

Legally Blind – but dancing!

Being legally blind doesn’t mean the end to having fun. If you can walk, you can dance. While taking a dance lesson in a wheel chair may be possible, Diana Jo Rossano concentrates on individuals can walk.

Please take a look at the disability exercise dance lesson with Natalie and James. James is legally blind, but is learning how to dance quite well. Of course, consult with your physician or physical therapist before taking any exercise program. This is James and Natalie’s third dance lesson of a five dance lesson wedding package.

Natalie was concerned about their height difference, but as you saw that difference didn’t matter much to their successful dance experience. My main goal in teaching a couple to dance is to show the man how to lead, and show the woman how to follow. This way if he makes a mistake on the dance floor, the woman follows whatever dance move he makes.

Many times I have watched my students dance their first dance together where the woman (on her wedding day) is thinking about being beautiful, and must follow. And the man has methodically practiced his cool dance moves to make the couple look fantastic on the dance floor. If either mess up, the other magically covers the mistake. Nice concept on the dance floor and a nice concept in every day life.

Most of my students feel that they have “Two Left Feet,” but after taking my dance classes they realize that if you can walk, you can dance. Disabilities include having a knee that doesn’t work well because of an accident.

One of my students was involved in a terrible motorcycle accident where he was very fortunate to be alive – – we just made the steps work that he could “cheat” and not use that one leg to turn on, and he was leading without knowing he had a problem.

You must be able to walk. If you use a cane, you can come in for a 20 minute trial dance lesson for free to see if you can dance at your special occasion or wedding dance.

One of my student had Parkinson’s Disease, and disability exercise dancing became good therapy for his disease to help him with his neurological problems.

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About Diana Jo Rossano

Diana Jo Rossano has a background in ballet dance, and has been trained in ballroom dancing by Arthur Murray Dance Studios. A great combination to help anyone who wants to learn how to dance to get on the dance floor faster and look better than average.
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